Affordable, intuitive double entry accounting apps that help you to track and control your personal finances - on macOS, iOS and Windows devices

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Who needs a personal accounts manager such as MyNetWorth, MyNetWorth for Windows and iNetWorth? I contend that the answer to that question is: Most of us, if not everybody!

More and more innocent people are losing their hard earned money to fraudsters, over the phone and online, through carefully crafted, credible scams. Subscription scams are becoming ever more widespread. A great way to protect yourself against these fraudsters is to keep a close eye on your bank account online and check that your bank’s record of transactions tallies with your own record of what you have spent. There are a large number of macOS and iOS banking apps available to help manage your personal accounts but many of them download transactions from your online banking app by default. If you have your banking app set up to import transactions from your bank automatically, it can be difficult to spot any transactions that you didn’t make or didn’t intend to authorise. If you enter your purchases into your banking app manually and reconcile your transactions regularly, you will spot suspicious withdrawals promptly and be able to protect yourself against further losses. You may even be able to recover any loss, if you act quickly and inform your bank in good time.

MyNetWorth (for macOS), MyNetWorth for Windows (for Microsoft Windows) and iNetWorth (for iOS and iPadOS) are designed specifically to support the manual entry of transactions but with features that streamline the entry process, such as supporting the duplication of selected transactions and the automatic processing of scheduled transactions. If you are a user of the now defunct Home Accountz app, you can use my free conversion apps to import your accounts and transactions from Home Accountz directly into MyNetWorth and iNetWorth.

Please note that you can try MyNetWorth and iNetWorth before you buy through Preview versions available on the Mac App Store (MyNetWorth Preview) and the App Store (iNetWorth Preview) and there is a trial option for MyNetWorth for Windows on the Microsoft Store.

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